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Reviews From Colleagues, Clients & Partners

Rohan was the first member of our newly founded growth team at Storefront and one of the most valuable additions to this day. I had the chance to see him grow from junior project management to an actual manager, driving his own subteam of freelancers, virtual assistants, and junior members. Rohan is very much the "intrapreneur" type, which is perfectly suited to growth management. He learned to code and built his own websites, which in return are feeding his personal growth as a manager and team member. Rohan is very dedicated, learns fast & autonomously, and has an excellent understanding of how to draw growth objectives and measure progress and team velocity. He's been the lead on dozens of growth projects, many being so successful they have been turned into marketplace features or contributed to the +400% of Storefront's transactional traffic we've experienced over two years.

Joseph Leveque
Joseph Leveque Storefront | Splio | 31TEN (part of Fabernovel) | Saatchi & Saatchi

I had the opportunity to work with Rohan during one of the conferences held by Asian Development Bank. His communication and execution skills make him a great front-person for any organisation. He is highly motivated, will take any given tasks with pleasure to work tirelessly and deliver the results. Lastly, and most importantly, we synced well as a team to make the project a success for both our organizations.

Sunakshi Jain KPMG | UHG | Deloitte

I had the opportunity to work with Rohan on multiple marketing projects at Storefront. He has demonstrated outstanding results, clearly reflecting on our platform traffic, visibility and sales performance. With his curiosity,speed and strategic mindset, Rohan gives a boost to a project. He is always ready for plan B and does not hesitate to go the extra mile.

Andriana Jankovska
Andriana Jankovska Storefront | Sonia Rykiel | Saint Laurent

I've known Rohan for 12 years now; we both met as fresh-out-of-high school boys, who were 2 of the 10 selected out of hundreds of applicants for an elite scholarship-based hotel management training program at one of the top luxury hotel chains in India. After graduating from the program, both of us worked together as colleagues and were able to nurture a very positive professional relationship. Rohan is an extremely talented and hardworking individual with a sharp acumen and great knack of getting it right with people and processes alike. It's been a pleasure to have been able to work with Rohan, and I can personally vouch for him at any place of work. He will truly be an asset for any organization that would be willing to hire him.

Sachin Sharma
Sachin Sharma Shared Services West | TELUS | Appficiency Inc.

I had the chance to meet Rohan during our Masters in international business degree: we worked together on several projects and what striked me the most was his drive and determination to succeed any given task. On top of that, he has grown to become an extremely entrepreneurial businessman with a positive attitude and leadership skills, a solution-oriented thinker that is eager to learn continuously and challenge himself. He is definitely a game changing asset to have within any team.

Ginevra Romanato
Ginevra Romanato Thélios (LVMH) | Lighthouse.fr | ITALIGNUM S.R.L.

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